Consulting Services

Developing a request for proposal or quotation is an integral step in the successful completion of any photogrammetric or remote sensing project. GA has assembled a team of professionals to assist both public and private entities in formulating project parameters to ensure that they achieve an end result that will satisfy all requirements. The project development team at GA has over a decade of project management experience and has practical hands-on knowledge of potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them. Enlisting the project development team to assist in the initial phases of any project will not only help evade problems but will foster an efficient workflow as the client moves through the venture.

At GA, we are intent on educating the general public on practical, established methodologies in order to help maintain industry accuracy standards. We are pleased to provide consultation on all services the company offers.

Consulting Services include:

  • Photogrammetric Consultation
  • GIS Mapping & Database Consultation
  • Remote Sensing/Classification Consultation
  • GIS Mapping & Database Consultation
  • LiDAR/Airborne Application Consultation
  • Expert Witness Services